ROBLOX Recenzje App


Prawie jak na komputerze


Gra sama się ciągle wyłącza...nie to co na kompie...

Lekkie gunwo

90% gier powoduje crasha na ipadzie



Mega gra

Jeśli chodzi o grę jest bardzo ciekawa , rożne światy i postacie mam iPhone 4s i chodzi rewelacyjnie polecam wszystkim graczą


Ludzie ta gra jest mega na kompie nie grałem ale na iPad Air jest ok.

Dobre i złe

Minus każdy się pcha jak by miał opsiki i nie pomaga przepraszam za błędy w pisaniu


This game is so awesome I love it and I love all the games my best game ever I have played is jail brake you guys should do more updates on jail brake ❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀you guys are awesome 👏


This game is the best game I will ever play in my life!!

So good

It is such a fun game I play it all day


My meepcity account is a guest and I was on it for a longggg time so idk what happened can u fix my meepcity account it is ilovepandandpup

Please read.......

I love Roblox. It’s my favorite game! But sometimes there are times when there are oders. First of all, the word Oder stands for online dater. And yes, on Roblox there are a lot of oders,hackers,bullies and much more bad stuff for kids. But Roblox try to help. It’s hard to try to make a online game that can stop online daters.There are ways too though...reports, blocks and more. Seems like they don’t work sometimes.The Roblox people can not read all the reports at the same time so they leave some out. But if anything bad happens that abuses you or something you don’t like tell a trusted adult and find ways to be safe. Second of all I’m going to tell you why Roblox got rid of tix. You get 10 free tix once a day.Then you could buy stuff with tix. Then Roblox thought of a way to get more money so they made robux. But anyway..........Roblox is a really fun game. Please follow me on Roblox. My account is princessfairyishere


So so fun

The awesome missed game in the world.

This game is amazing because you get to build anything you wines and they have any kind of game that you would want to play and you can make friends.

good and bad

I love to play roblox! I play roblox like 24/7. The only bad things about is that some people are to mean like in Super Hero Tycoon people come in your Tycoon you ask them nicely to get out and than they take everything in your Tycoon, the next reason that os bad because there is a lot of glitches.

Ughhhhhhhhhh 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡😡🤬

I hate ROBLOX and the the toys the toys are so CHEAP and break and there only for the MONEY and ROBLOX is way to glitchy and laggy 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡


I love ROBLOX and it has the best games like meep city ; -Allison(Allybear62709


It’s a awesome game like I can’t explain how good it is it’s so awesome like Minecraft awesome BUT BETTER ~Sara


since roblox updated it does not play the right music it plays lame waiting music I HATE ROBLOX!!!


I love ROBLOX🙃,it is the best game ever and I am amazed how much fun it is


I can’t upgrade roblox! I have been trying to but I can’t. There is upgrade buttons or anything.

I love ROBLOX so much

I have played ROBLOX since I was 5 years old and if you love ROBLOX and here is my username Oliviacorny1

How I love roblox

This game is amazing I just love it it is very fun to play and it is great

Such A Great Game

Dear, ROBLOX This is such a great game! I love it so much. I just wish that Robux is more available. Otherwise, great! Keep up the good work!

PLZZZZ do this

plz take away tagz cuz u have to spell out the word one by one. Especially when u write numbers


Remove Bacon hair item instead just put the guest hat or hair plz!

Please add this!!!

So I really think u should add house mates where me and my friend could have a house together and both be able to move furniture around and add things in I strongly believe that this would make roblox for me 10 times better but make sure to make an option where u can decide to have a house mate or not because other people may get mad 🙂 me and my friend would love it if u just add this feature! I hope u see this and decide to add this in bye! HAVE A NICE DAY 💘💙💍🙂

Something gone wrong

I was playing meepcity by alexnewtron and my friend was trying to give me a gift it would not work she wasted all of her money trying for me and when i give her gifts it works. Please can you help with this. It would be really appreciated. Thank you 😁

Something wrong...

I went on roblox one day i entered my user and my ps and it did not work i entered it non-stop I did I every thing I could nothing worked so I waited along time then roblox stopped working so I just decided to re download roblox I’ll se if it works or not because i downloading right now hopefully it works.


OMG back off haters this is de best fun perfect game for kids and this is so fun I love the obbys and everything u made me love this game! This is AWESOME wayyyy better than animal jam! The thing is I don’t have robux we should have started robux! Thx for making this game roblox this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much freakin fun! From, unknown To: roblox haters and fans and roblox creator

It’s the best

It’s the best cus it’s a game with more games unlimited games and the best thing is that u can make ur own game to earn robux and that’s the problem players get bullied just BECUS they don’t have rubox so ROBLOX PLEASE JUST PLEASE make an update that if someone bullies a player for not having robux the player that got bullied will have 100 rubox and the bully can’t play roblox for 10 days PLEASE MAKE THAT UPDATE PLEASE

Great game but

I think it is not fair that you have to buy robux And to have to access bloxburg with 25 robux I don't have robux but I would like some I just don't think it's fair that I need to use robux to access bloxburg I am torn that I have to buy it maybe try giving 35 robux for free so please fix this bug

Bad app

This app will not let me do something when I what too. I have a apple phone and it does not work well! I have tried games on ROBLOX and it is not good! U should not get this game at all!!

I love fashion frenzy

It is so good and my username is mommy2700

The best game

THIS IS THE BEST GAME INVENTED ITS THEEE BEST AND YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!Reason #1. Controls easy fun and 4 simple controls tap the screen for toggle if u wanna hold something tap it in your inventory and two simple movement controls jump and move!download now!!

Rude people on it!!

ROBLOX is super fun but there are SUCH rude people on it!!! I just started playing on my phone and I sat next to someone in a game and they said, “EWWW get away NOOB!” I don’t think that they should be saying that to kids and it is unacceptable behavior. :(

Good but

So the first time I played the game it glitched for so long it crashed second time I played it it crashed again and again and again so also this game is a total ad trap so this game is really crappy so please do not play it.

Side effects but I love it!!

Roblox is the best thing ever but the only thing I don't like is that people abuse there power and bully people when they don't have a robux and people trolling and I don't like it all I'm recommending is that maybe when people first start to give them robux at least 500 and maybe take down all the dirty games decides that everything is awesome keep doing good and make sure to improve the game!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💜💜💜💄💄💄💄💄❤️💄💄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🍉🍉💜💜💜💜💜🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰

Love it but need some fixes!🖤🖤

I love everything about this app! But only things I really want you to fix is these things down below! Also it would be amazing if you can do these things quick! #1.When i follow someone and I really want to join them it doesn’t let me! For example I want (I actullay really want to join her she is a amazing youtuber that makes speed build in bloxbrug!) to join Cylito but it only says “Add friend” and “message” u should put join game like friends! #2.This is the most thing I want to fix ### it they are numbers then you should have no hashtags! Because people want to donate money (Bloxbrug) but they don’t know how much! Thanks you so much for fixing these things if u can!!!<333

Worst game ever

I don't like roblox there is bullys and online daters and lost of udult content these teens ruined roblox for kids 😭 and I deleted it i agree to gamerstars235


Love ROBLOX it is so much fun


My daughters account was hacked and Roblox then deleted her account after years of purchases she gets nothing back. There response is read our terms.

I like it so much that I’m lazy YAAAS


Pink Eyeball

Why did you take it away. Pleeeease put the Platinum eyeball and pink eyeball back on sale so we can buy it XXDottieOne Pppppllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee


Roblox is the best experience I ever had in my life!!! Explore with your game. You can get robux buy building a game for free in a computer. You can literally be anything in roblox. If you like adventure and customizing your character in a game, this game is the best for you. Infinite stars.


Stop the ############### plz


ROBLOX is so amazing you can tip iny thing thing you won't to play but sometimes it lacks but it can still be amazing 😋😀😀😂😡

Four stars

Because I can’t send anything to my friends


I love this game “ROBLOX” because the games are AMAZING!!!!! Also, I love the clothing in this game, but there are a lot of online daters that has not been stoping dating which I think this is a problem, besides that I love this game!!!!!

It will glitch

I love the game.sooooo addicted!

No more online daters pls

People on this game online date it is gross pls stop this . They get naked with a boy or a girl.


Awesome but a few glitches

You scammed me

I bought robux on computer and never got it back. For 24.99 I bought it in June. I am iiiTashyTash and I never got my robux because you guys took my money and never gave my robux. I thought the purchase just didn’t go through but when I checked my money, I had two dollars. YOU GUYS ARE SCAMMERS AND I WANT A REFUND! I NEVER GOT MY ROBUX AND YOU ALL ARE LIARS! GIVE BACK MY MONEY PLEASE!!!


I love it but you should add in a new way to create a game that is in the game.

Love it but sometimes laggy

Kinda laggy

Roblox is the best

I love roblox

Lag fest

I try to go on my favorite game bloxburg or royale highschool but there is to many bugs and lag fix the lag before I go insane

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