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App is glued to my iPod.

But not in a good way. The update will not download, and I cannot delete this app. Now this app is just a waste of space on my home screen.

Hello all the new guys in roblox

Roblox in iPad how can that be? We got so many things you guys can do every day and have so much fun. Roblox is a game for kids and grown ups to. We alll haved played roblox the rest of ARE lifes in the laptop and pc but we never iPad. Theres many things like robux but never ever tix. Tix is only in laptop and computer. Robux is in iPad and laptop and everything. Most of you guys said that free robux in builders club but thats not true guys. Free robux can not be because the game doesnt let us do that. I hope you love this comment so enjoy roblox: D




Sure Im addicted but people use bad language even though it is in (*) but it is still mean. Also I deleted it because of all of the bullying. If you do update I want them to add in things to say. So you cant type mean texting stuff, but it makes sense in the game.

Forgot my password

I cant even log back in my account I tried password reset but it keeps saying my username dont exist!! Plz fix


Ok so apparently you can only wear on hair item at a time?? Thats ridiculous! I want it back to the way where you can but boy and girl hair at the same time.

Cant move

So today is the first day Im playing roblox on my I pad I like it so far but Im not sure if this is a glitch but when you die in a game you respawn you cant move yes there is a way to fix it but it doesnt work all the time and this has happened in two different games so please fix this because its really annoying

If you are a parent please read this. Unsafe for kids.

I think only a few games are kid maybe some girly game that mostly has 0 players...but some arent like for example: Adopt a kid games and hangout games. There are a lot of online daters in them. Especially hangout games. In the game boys and girls hangout by thethinkingdumbguest is packed with online daters. I like to call online daters ODers. Make those speeches that are asking people to date hashtaged, please. Also, ODers probably call people ugly a lot. That is so rude they dont even know who anyone is in real life when they date them or call them ugly. But hashtag last names only. And hashtag all the other stuff you need to. And hashtag passwords. But not first names. Also someone once asked me in design it what I was gonna be for holloween. D: Ok, so anyways, in design it people online date when they probably never saw there dates avatar before. JUST EW. 12+ is a great rating for this game! Ive also got to say that you should stop moderating my t shirts because you moderated my t shirt emo girl when there was no content. There wasnt even a warning on screen. Now you moderated my pants that I made. There was no content. And no warning on screen. What admin was doing this? That admin needs to be fired.

Come on

Fix the new update plz for 1 reason, the reason is when I try to log in on phone it gets to the home screen and kicks me out of the app when I want to play. Hey in the ether update can you plz add like roblox studios to be able to access from the roblox settings in app and another thing I love this app and I have iphone 4 with 7.0 ios and I dont wanna get rid of the app plz leave it 7.0 plz?

Remember Tix?

So I like this game the thing why I gave it a 3 star is because do u remember tix from the old days and also things in the catalog cost like 50-5000 robux and 800 robux is for 9.99$ it is so expensive.


Ok so one day I wanted to get on ROBLOX and play it since I havent been on in a couple of days. ROBLOX use to be like most app I ever get on since my PC broke I play on my iPad. So when I tapped on the app usually if there is update this little box pops up and says like idk "Do you want to update?" Something like that of course I tap on it. Without evening know something was gonna happened I thought it was just improvements and bug fixes. But no I was wrong I went to go change my avatar....when I tried to put two or more hats on...IT WOULDNT WORK!!!!

Good but meh

I been playing this game for 4 years (love it :D) but Im always getting bullied and when I try to buy robux it doesnt work and the day I bought it I get hacked (to much hackers also 1x1x1x1 is still on and deleted my account with 1k robux) and can we at least start with at least like 70 robux or 40 because my friend donated me half his robux and now I feel bad so pls improve also my account SlipperyfellowPS3 one day I couldnt log in when I went back to menu I put in password and the unknown error! Pops up I loser 5k robux and my first account :( so pls fix the login but (again)


So my sister has been playing ROBLOX but when you updated the hats, the new feature is that you can only have one hairstyle. You cant have the beautiful hair for beautiful people hair and the long hair on the same time (that was my sisters girl style) PLEASE LET US HAVE 2 HAIRS ON AT ONCE!!

Why Cant We?

Why Cant Any Robloxian Put Two Hairs On? I Wasted My Robux Trying To Do That! Please Roblox Cant U Bring That Back!


In the game roblox,why wont you get free robux like seriously its irritating that its hard to get robux but its 5 star game.I will give 19/10 stars if you made a daily log in for items and also make the ROBLOX games load faster because it takes forever and I use iPad Air 2 so please fix that.Thank you I love the game.


I miss the tix thats how i got my robux


I do not enjoy the fact that when you have no Robux people call you a noob. Its STUPID and ROBLOX should start out everyone with 20 Robux. Thats all Im asking. I personally have Robux because I was tired of people calling me a noob. I stand up for those who get called noob. Also big thing, BRING TIX BACK!! It was how people with no to little Robux got to buy things. I like playing roblox , but Im not making that a 5 unless this gets arranged to happen

good but problom

i type somthing send it and it doesent send then i have to say it all over again then it sends it

A lot of problems!

This game is super glitchy first of all. Second of all, you can only wear 1 piece of hair instead of 2 now. Third of all, wont let me buy robux. Fourth of all, a lot more games arent compatible for the iPad. Fifth of all, you removed tix which makes poor people even more poor. And last but not least, FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS.

Addicted! But...

I really like this game, but there are some things that I think NEED to be improved. Please give everyone, or newer players at least, some robux! You start out with none and nothing to buy or do unless you spend good money on it, which is ridiculous. At least give players more than 80 robux for their 99 cents. On the other hand, please add a feature where you can preview items and see how they look on your character. Say you buy and item that appeals to you, but its not everything you wanted it to be. You ended up spending valuable money on something that doesnt look great on your character. What makes it worse is, as I mentioned before, the only way to get robux is to buy it with real money. Otherwise, this game is great! Keep up the good work!

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